Data-driven gifting to level up your Account Based Marketing strategy

Remove the guesswork and build scalable gifting into your Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy to drive game-changing revenue.


What is Account Based Marketing? 

Account-based marketing (ABM), also known as key account marketing, refers to a strategy that leverages the skills of both sales and marketing teams to offer tailored marketing towards select groups. ABM strategies are most often used to locate, engage and grow high-level or key accounts. 

By using an account-based marketing strategy, marketing and sales team can work together to identify key points of interest in a prospect or account, and can then create targeted and tailored marketing campaigns that capture attention and convert prospects to customers with high value. 

ABM tips the usual sales/marketing process upside-down – rather than trying to lead potential clients through a lengthy sales funnel, Account Based Marketing focuses directly on the accounts they want to land, targets them directly with highly personalized content, and converts them into clients. 

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What are the benefits of Account Based Marketing? 

Account based marketing is quickly gaining popularity amongst B2B organizations who want to target larger, higher-value accounts. For companies trying to convert prospects into high-value customer accounts, an effective account based marketing strategy could provide a host of benefits when compared to other sales and marketing approaches 


Personalized approach

Rather than using a catch-all approach, account-based marketers create highly personalized and targeted messaging to capture the attention of key prospects. They use what they know about the customer to target their campaign specifically towards their needs, making the prospect feel understood, and increasing the chance of converting. 


Saving time and resources

An account based marketing approach concentrates time and resources on a handful of large accounts which have been identified as the most likely to close a deal with. The narrow focus of energy means that time and resource can be freed up to focus on other projects. 


Increased ROI

For large organizations looking to land big accounts, an effective account-based marketing strategy could result in higher ROI. By focusing time on a smaller group of key prospects, marketing and acquisition costs can be streamlined, and the highly personalized approach to account based marketing creates a better chance of converting prospects to clients.


How Reachdesk’s platform can boost your Account Based Marketing strategy 

With Reachdesk’s corporate gifting platform, you can leverage enterprise-level gifting to build relationships with key accounts, enhancing the efforts you’ve already made in your Account Based Marketing strategy. Our ABM services can complement all existing channels and take your client relationships to the next level.

Our friendly gifting experts are on hand to help you brainstorm, develop, and deliver eye-catching campaign ideas for effective account based marketing. For data-driven inspiration, our Insights platform can help you identify personalized gifts that are sure to make an impact.


Build long-term client relationships with Reachdesk’s account-based marketing solution 

Gifting is all about how you make people feel. Reachdesk’s platform boosts your account-based marketing strategy through data-driven gift giving, helping you send personalized, thoughtful gifts to catch the attention of your prospects.

Our data insights show you what works best for your audience, meaning you can send the right gifts every time. Using Reachdesk’s gifting platform to send targeted, personalized gifts makes it clear that you understand exactly what your prospects want, and makes it more likely for those prospects to convert to clients. 

Account based marketing strategies often employ the use of direct mail marketing – Reachdesk’s platform can easily integrate with your existing Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns. 


The right gifts, at the right time, every time

With Reachdesk’s platform, you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage your audience with an attention grabbing gift. Use Reachdesk’s automation tool to automatically trigger gift sends from your marketing, sales, and employee management systems and ensure timely follow-up for all your direct mail and gifting. 


Game-changing results

Our ABM services help you get the most from your gifting spend. Analyze how gifting impacts your revenue  and opportunities with our powerful data insights. Our insights also allow you to benchmark your performance against industry peers, track results, and prove ROI, so you have full visibility, and can make sure your gifting budget always delivers maximum impact. 


How does Reachdesk work?


Our powerful global solution allows you to connect with prospects, customers, and employees wherever they are in the world, without language barriers.


Reachdesk is a data-driven platform built for revenue-driven teams, focused on delivering high ROI and over-achieving business goals.


Let us do the heavy lifting for you, from sourcing swag and creating bespoke bundles to crafting landing pages and handling your event sends.


Reachdesk integrates with your tech stack so that gifting is part of a coordinated, multi-channel strategy.


How top Account Based Marketing teams use Reachdesk

Brands delivering moments that matter

The gifting platform of the future


Reachdesk seamlessly connects with your existing tech in just a couple of clicks, enabling you to send using data from all your favourite tools.


Reachdesk platform FAQs

How does Reachdesk work?

Reachdesk is the #1 global, data-driven gifting platform built for measurable results. Reachdesk allows you to gift at scale and connects with your tech stack to make gifting a part of a coordinated multi-channel strategy. Reachdesk provides you with usage analytics, performance tracking, and ROI insights to make sure you spend your gifting budget where it matters most.

Can gifting be seen as bribery?

When done right, gifting is a powerful way to build meaningful connections. At Reachdesk we believe in gifting without asking for anything in return. Our gifting experts understand the nuances of anti-bribery regulations across different industries and will work with you to find the most appropriate and impactful approach including offering a variety of charity donation options.

How can I measure the success of my gifting campaigns?

You can’t build an effective strategy without data. The Reachdesk platform is built for revenue-driven teams and it gives you all the tools you need to track performance and prove ROI on your gifting campaigns. Find out more about Reachdesk Insights here.

How much does Reachdesk cost?

We have a range of packages to suit your needs. Speak to our sales team to find out more.

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What our customers say

Matthew Robinson, Marketing Director EMEA & APAC, Contentsquare
“Reachdesk has been an invaluable tool in helping us accelerate our ABM program. It's a must-have for any marketers wishing to cut through the noise and engage their prospects in a far more compelling and effective way.”
Matthew Robinson, Marketing Director EMEA & APAC, Contentsquare
Matthew Robinson, Marketing Director EMEA & APAC, Contentsquare
Kate Carey
“I love that Reachdesk is an all-in-one. We can send gifts to delight staff, and to thank speakers at our events and run demand generation campaigns. The platform has everything we need!”
Kate Carey Marketing Director EMEA, Rapid7
Kate Carey Marketing Director EMEA, Rapid7
Luke Fagg, UK Team Lead, Field Marketing, CoachHub
“Reachdesk has opened our eyes to just how many opportunities there are to connect with prospects and build relationships.”
Luke Fagg UK Team Lead, Field Marketing, CoachHub
Luke Fagg UK Team Lead, Field Marketing, CoachHub