The future is hyper-personalized gifting

Send the right gift at the right time with the right message with Reachdesk AI. Skip the time wasted fishing for ideas, and let your team do what they do best: deeply connect with buyers and generate business revenue.

Full personalization Zero headaches

One-size-fits-all approaches are long gone. Easily create hyper-personalized and relevant gift messages, that help you achieve your team's goals and deliver moments that matter at scale.

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Take your global sending to the next level

Creating truly global buyer experiences can be challenging. Reachdesk AI allows you to craft the perfect message in your recipient's language, elevating your outreach and saving you hours of work.

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Make direct mail your team's favorite channel

Personalized gifting doesn't need to be a research-heavy, manual, and time-consuming activity. Leave the hard work for Reachdesk AI and let your teams do what they do best: sell your product.

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Win over your buyers' hearts and minds

Response rates are at an all-time low and most direct mail sends don't even get a response. The fix? AI-powered hyper-personalization that helps build deeper buyer relationships. 

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How does it work?

AI-powered hyper personalization gifting and direct mail that drives business revenue. But how?


Reachdesk AI recommends personalized and relevant messages based on the sender's role and objectives


Our recommendation engine learns about your recipient and allows you to create a unique experience


You can generate gift notes in the recipient's language using instant translation


Send eGifts, direct mail, swag, perishables and much more quickly and easily

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How top teams use Reachdesk

Sara Boen
"What we had before Reachdesk was a very manual process. It was very generic and time-consuming. Once we gave our sellers access to Reachdesk and trained them on how to use, the direct mail adoption rates went through the roof."
Sara Boen Senior Field Marketing Manager, Paycor
Sara Boen Senior Field Marketing Manager, Paycor
Vasileios Kospanos
"People can get event or webinar fatigue. Direct mail provides a different type of interaction. Wether you're a recipient or a sender, you get a different type of satisfaction from a successful direct mail drop."
Vasileios Kospanos Senior Field Marketing Manager, Lacework
Vasileios Kospanos Senior Field Marketing Manager, Lacework

Ready to deliver moments that matter?

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