Give your people the experience they deserve with personalized gifting

Attract top talent, boost employee engagement, and celebrate your people with personalized gifting.
Nicole Barry Project manager

Love. This. Team. Teamies giving me the warm and fuzzies on my birthday. Thank you!

Stevie Lewis Marketing Manager

It was a very average Monday until I got unexpectedly Reachedsked 🎁. It felt amazing! Looking forward to helping businesses deliver moments like this.

Attract and engage candidates with thoughtful gifting

Don’t only tell candidates how much you care about your people, show them! Small gestures like sending a free coffee voucher to enjoy before an interview can have a huge impact in creating a great hiring experience and boosting your employer brand.


Turn employee onboarding into a truly special experience

Welcome your new hires in the best way possible regardless of whether they’re joining remotely or coming to the office on their first day. They can have their personalized swag and welcome gifts wherever they are.


Celebrate and appreciate your people

Show your team how much you value them by sending celebratory treats for their birthday, big work milestones, or as rewards at the end of a demanding project.


From spark lost to moment delivered

Add gifting to your recruitment and employee engagement to attract and retain the best talent and celebrate and reward your people.

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How top teams use Reachdesk

“In the virtual world it’s challenging to make the team feel like we’re all together. There’s something about everyone wearing a matching personalized T-shirt on a Zoom call that almost makes it feel like we’re in the same place.”
Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi

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