Gifting to drive customer retention, expansion, and loyalty

Boost customer adoption, increase upsells, and turn customers into your biggest fans with data-driven gifting.
Rob S. Head of Sales Development

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Create a memorable customer onboarding experience

First impressions matter. Lay the foundation for a lasting relationship and turn onboarding into a special experience for your customers with personalized and thoughtful gifting.


Drive customer adoption and engagement

To love your product or service, your customers have to first use it. Use gifting to drive engagement and incentivize customers to complete milestones on their journey.


Reconnect with MIA customers

It can be frustrating and nerve-wrecking when customers go quiet despite your best effort to keep them engaged. Adding an eGift to your emails to customers can increase response rates by up to 212%.


Increase upsells with timely gifting

Be the lasting partner your customers can grow with. Celebrate key milestones with a gift to show customers you care or get customers excited about a new product with a fun gifting campaign.  


Turn customers into your biggest fans and drive referrals

Nothing says “We appreciate you” like a timely gift. Add gifting to your communication cadence to celebrate big milestones and personal events such as birthdays and work anniversaries.


From customer lost to moment delivered

Celebrate and engage your customers with personalized, timely gifting to drive adoption and increase upsells.

How top CS teams use Reachdesk

“Just seeing the thank you LinkedIn posts shows how impactful gifting can be in appreciating and thanking our customers.”
Dani Mortimer, Customer Success Manager, Divvy

increase in meeting show rates

Dani Mortimer, Customer Success Manager, Divvy
"By taking the burden off their team for sourcing, warehousing and sending direct mail, SIA was able to focus on delivering both great customer success and results."
Sales Impact Academy
Sales Impact Academy

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