Our commitment to the planet

We want to see a world in which every business is loved by their customers, employees, and the planet.

That’s why we work tirelessly with our marketplace, logistics, and charity partners to create a more sustainable future for corporate gifting.


Our commitment to sustainable gifting

Wе minimize shipping emissions

Our global warehouse network allows customers to send locally instead of overseas, reducing overall shipping distance and emissions.

We work with sustainable vendors

We source from vendors committed to sustainable practices and we’ll always add more sustainable vendors to our marketplace.

We limit waste

We commit to offering eco-friendly packaging in each one of our warehouses as a standard by the end of 2022.

Our sustainability initiatives


The Reachdesk Green Team

We know change starts with each one of us which is why we created the Reachdesk Green Team. Each Reachdesk department is represented in the Green Team so that we all do our part in making Reachdesk a more sustainable business. 


Plant a tree

We’ve partnered with Rewards.Earth to plant trees around the world, offsetting CO2 and combating climate change. In the UK, trees are planted by The Green Task Force which is made up of veterans who are transitioning from the armed services. 


It’s Earth Day every day  

To honor Earth Day, we’re making donations and raising awareness of climate change and the need to continue caring for our planet beyond just 22nd April. All Reachdeskers get half a day to volunteer and Rewards.Earth gift cards to donate to the initiatives closest to them.


No gift goes to waste

When customers ask us to dispose of inventory we store for them, we work with them on donating items to our food bank and charity partners instead of adding to landfill.


Helping customers gift sustainably

We want to make sustainable gifting as easy as possible for our customers. When sourcing with us, our project management team can provide ready-to-go assets to quickly ideate sustainable merchandise items and products that have giveback initiatives tied to purchases.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We want to build a workplace that reflects the diverse communities we live, work, and play in. We commit to creating a place where every Reachdesker feels seen, heard, valued, and supported. We cherish our differences and know that we are stronger because of them.

Our sustainability goals

We’ll always look for ways to be more sustainable as a business. We publicly share our sustainability goals so that we can be held accountable by our people, customers, and partners. Here are the goals we’ve set ourselves for 2022:


Onboard 15 new sustainable vendors to our Marketplace by end of Q2 2022


Offer eco-friendly packaging in every warehouse as a standard by the end of 2022


Ensure our offices are held to a high standard of energy efficiency


Enable customers to make their own sends carbon neutral by utilizing their Reachdesk balance


Company-wide Earth Day events and global clean-up and donation opportunities


Our sustainability partners

Featured partner: Rewards.Earth

Rewards.Earth provides a platform for individuals and businesses to offset their personal carbon emissions by planting trees in the UK and overseas. In the UK trees are planted by The Green Task Force which is made up of veterans who are transitioning from the armed services. Reachdesk customers can gift Rewards.Earth eGift cards in GBP, USD, and AUS.

Serving our customers

"There's the two ends of sustainability: where we're sourcing from and where we're shipping. Having a gifting partner that has warehouses everywhere we're shipping to and can source locally cuts down our carbon footprint. That was a big selling point for us."
Ariel Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
Ariel Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi

Gifts that are kind to the planet

We are always growing our selection of beautiful, sustainable gifts from brands who are mindful of their impact on the environment. 

Do you have a green idea for us?