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Deliver moments that matter at scale without the hassle. Reach your prospects, customers, and people anywhere in the world with Reachdesk.


Ship your corporate gifts to over 170 countries

With Reachdesk’s Marketplace and global network of warehouses, you can reach recipients in over 170 countries. Just for reference there are 195 countries in the world in total. This means that your gifting campaigns can cover 85% of the globe.


Enable global gifting

With Reachdesk you can create a consistently great gifting experience for your prospects, customers, and employees wherever in the world they are. You can manage it all in one place without having to worry about fees, logistics, and managing multiple vendors.


Deliver moments that matter globally


Numbers that matter

170 +

Countries reached

1000 s

of gift options

Global sending FAQs

Which countries can I ship to with Reachdesk?

We ship to over 160 countries around the world through our global network of warehouses and local vendors. You can see a full list of countries we ship to here. As we grow our global presence we’re always adding more countries to the list.

How top teams use Reachdesk

“Anyone sending anything globally because their team or clients are spread out around the world, needs to work with a company that is also spread out around the world and can handle global sending.”
Ariel Madway, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
Ariel Madway, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
“Reachdesk was just a shoo-in as far as bang for buck and capability for what I needed.”
Kiera Griffis, Marketing Campaign Manager, Divvy

increase in meeting show rates

Kiera Griffis, Marketing Campaign Manager, Divvy

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