Sailthru creates immersive webinar experiences


Webinar attendance by sending an eGift card beforehand


Global reach extending from the US to EMEA & APAC

Challenges / Problems:

No more physical events, US-only direct mail capabilities, limited personalization


Personalized, high quality items to cut through the digital noise and create unique webinar experiences.

“Cold outbound email effectiveness dropped dramatically, and the only way we've been able to set high-quality meetings at scale lately has been through combining highly personalized outreach with relevant gifts and gift cards sent using Reachdesk."
Brandon Ray, Head of Sales Development, Sailthru

Sailthru is a complete, unified and integrated omnichannel marketing automation solution that combines email, mobile, website, social and in-store solutions for customers like Matches Fashion, Business Insider and News UK.


Prior to using Reachdesk Sailthru were using a provider that could only fulfil direct mail and gifting in the United States with a specific focus on prospecting. Sailthru operates on a global basis and needed a supplier to assist with multiple touchpoints throughout the entire buyer and customer journey in Europe and territories in APAC.

It was important to maintain the Sailthru branding and feel, so customization and personalization using Reachdesk's warehouse and eGift solution were important.

Challenges / Problems

Previously Sailthru would have hosted physical events. Due to prospects working in a remote environment and unable to attend physical events, Sailthru wanted to create an immersive key webinar experience. With so much choice of webinars to attend the challenge was to ensure prospects attended live events and converted into qualified pipeline. Logistically it was impossible to fulfil the desired experience for Sailthru's marketing team.

How Reachdesk Helped

By using Reachdesk, Sailthru was able to recreate physical experiences in a remote environment. Reachdesk enabled Sailthru to run a virtual cooking class with celebrity chef, Lorraine Pascal, during a webinar.

The team created a handwritten recipe card and delivered an eGift card via Reachdesk for their attendees to purchase the items needed for the class as well as giving them a unique experience that would otherwise have been impossible during lockdown.

Results, ROI & Future Plans

Sent eGiftcards where able to drive the webinar attendance rate to 76%.

Going forward, Sailthru is planning on using Reachdesk to enhance their ABM strategy, enable their BDR team in the US, Europe and Australia and continue to deliver exceptional experiences in a remote environment.

About Sailthru

Sailthru tackled the shut down of events successfully, went global & improved personalization by introducing Reachdesk

Industry: Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Email Marketing

Company size: 101-250

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