Reachdesk + Influitive integration

It is now easier than ever before to build Reachdesk into your customer advocacy strategy, combining it with Influitive to surprise and delight your advocates, reward them for specific actions and behaviours, and drive customer success.


Trigger gifts as rewards

You can send a Reachdesk e-gift, marketplace item or bundle when an advocate redeems a reward in Influitive. Simply set up a ‘one time’ webhook in Influitive and paste the Reachdesk campaign code into your Influitive reward. We'll listen out for when someone redeems that reward and send it right away.


Track gift redemptions and deliveries in Influitive

Reachdesk will automatically mark your gifts as fulfilled when an e-gift card is claimed, or a marketplace or bundle is delivered. There is no manual work once you have set up the reward.


How does the Influitive integration work?


Once in the Reachdesk platform, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Influitive.


Hit 'Link Influitive Account'.


You'll need to grab the authorisation token and organisation ID from Influitive, and paste them into Reachdesk. At this point, you’re connected.

Want to know the full details?
Want to know the full details?

What our customers say

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes using Reachdesk.
Charlie Oldham, Marketing Director, Agillic
Charlie Oldham, Marketing Director, Agillic

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