Reachdesk for People + Workday integration

Reachdesk for People seamlessly slots into your HCM ecosystem, integrating with Workday enabling effortless automated sending at the moments that matter, freeing your team to concentrate on strategic value-add work.


Smart, secure, seamless

Reachdesk for People’s integration with Workday means your employee data is always current and correct, and there’s no need for risky manual handling of data.

Once integrated, it’s quick and easy to send direct from Reachdesk for People or from the employee page in Workday using the Reachdesk Chrome extension.

Workday integration

Never miss a moment that matters

Reachdesk for People enables you to use a range of employee events in Workday to automatically trigger sends such as:

  • A new joiner being sent an onboarding swag bundle in advance of their start date
  • Sending an employee an eGift card on their fifth anniversary
  • Celebrating an employee's birthday with a sweet treat
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How does the Workday integration work?


In Workday, create an Integration System User and Security Group to assign the Integration System User to.


Configure the domain security policy permissions and activate the security policy changes.


Obtain the Web Services Endpoint for the Workday tenant and copy the URL.


In Reachdesk, select Settings > Integrations > People and click "Connect" on the Workday integration.


Paste the URL, hit the "Submit" button and you're done!

Want to know the full details?
Workday integration process
Want to know the full details?

What our customers say

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes using Reachdesk.
Charlie Oldham, Marketing Director, Agillic
Charlie Oldham, Marketing Director, Agillic

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