Integrated gifting to boost your Direct Mail Marketing strategy

Create a B2B direct mail marketing strategy to catch the attention of your prospects and convert them into clients. 


What is Direct Mail Marketing? 

Direct mail marketing refers to any physical correspondence you have with prospects or clients in the aim of getting them to convert. Though more commonly used by D2C companies, B2B organizations can also engage in direct mail marketing by sending letters, packages, brochures and more.  

With the rise in digital media, as well as the physical isolation of the pandemic, digital marketing efforts have risen to the forefront. But with that rise, a rise in digital overwhelm has also occurred, and marketers are increasingly turning to physical mail to personally connect with prospects and clients.  

Direct mail marketing companies create campaigns that stand out from a cluttered email inbox, providing prospects with a more memorable experience of their business, increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

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What are the benefits of Direct Mailing? 

Direct mail marketing is rising to prominence amongst B2B organizations who want to target larger, higher value accounts. For companies trying to convert prospects into high-value customer accounts, an effective direct mail marketing strategy could prove beneficial when compared to other, more digital sales and marketing approaches. 


More Memorable

Digital marketing’s prevalence has become more like clutter – an email can easily be forgotten, lost in a spam folder, but a physical package is sure to make a lasting impression.

The tangible aspect of a letter, card or gift is much more memorable than words on a screen, and as a result, direct mail marketing can boost your ROI.


increase in webinar attendance through gifting


Less Competition

Another consequence of email’s prominence is that direct mail marketing is much less common. If a physical, personalized gift wasn’t enough to create a lasting impression in its own right, the rarity of direct mail marketing campaigns is. Direct mail marketing companies seize a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd to the prospects in their pipeline.


Better Response Rate

Sending a thoughtful, personalized gift through direct mailing is bound to capture the attention of prospective clients or employees more than a simple email or phone call would. Because of the personal, memorable experience it creates, direct mail marketing often gets you a better response rate and, as a result, ROI than digital marketing campaigns.


uplift in response rate by integrating direct mail into sales outreach


How Reachdesk’s platform can boost your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy 

With Reachdesk’s corporate gifting platform, you can utilise an automated, data-driven gifting solution to enhance your direct mail marketing strategy, creating personalized experiences that capture the attention of clients, helping you turn them into key accounts.

Our direct mailing services can complement all your existing channels and take your client relationships to the next level. Our friendly gifting experts are on hand to help you brainstorm, develop, and deliver eye-catching campaign ideas. 


Convert prospects to clients with our direct mail marketing solution

Gifting is all about how you make people feel. Reachdesk’s platform levels up your direct mail marketing strategy through data-driven gift giving, helping you send personalized, memorable packages that capture the attention of key clients.

Our platform provides crucial data insights, showing you exactly what your prospects like, so you can send the perfect gifts to win them over. Using Reachdesk’s gifting platform to send targeted, personalized gifts as part of a direct mail campaign makes it clear that you understand exactly what your prospects want, and makes it more likely for those prospects to convert to clients. 

Direct mailing is a marketing tactic often used in an ABM strategy – Reachdesk’s platform can easily integrate with your existing Account Based Marketing process.


The right gifts, at the right time, every time

With Reachdesk’s platform, you’ll never miss an opportunity to engage your audience with an attention grabbing gift. Use Reachdesk’s automation tool to automatically trigger gift sends from your marketing, sales, and employee management systems and ensure timely follow-up for all your direct mail and gifting.


Game-changing results for your direct mail campaign

Reachdesk helps you get the most from your gifting budget. Use data insights to analyze how gifting impacts your revenue and opportunities, and make calculated decisions on future campaigns. Our insights also let you to benchmark your performance against industry peers, track results, and prove ROI, so you have full visibility, and can make sure your gifting budget always delivers maximum impact. 


increase in ROI by using direct mail


How does Reachdesk work?


Our powerful global solution allows you to connect with prospects, customers, and employees wherever they are in the world, without language barriers.


Reachdesk is a data-driven platform built for revenue-driven teams, focused on delivering high ROI and over-achieving business goals.


Let us do the heavy lifting for you, from sourcing swag and creating bespoke bundles to crafting landing pages and handling your event sends.


Reachdesk integrates with your tech stack so that gifting is part of a coordinated, multi-channel strategy.


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The gifting platform of the future


Reachdesk seamlessly connects with your existing tech in just a couple of clicks, enabling you to send using data from all your favourite tools.


Reachdesk platform FAQs

How does Reachdesk work?

Reachdesk is the #1 global, data-driven gifting platform built for measurable results. Reachdesk allows you to gift at scale and connects with your tech stack to make gifting a part of a coordinated multi-channel strategy. Reachdesk provides you with usage analytics, performance tracking, and ROI insights to make sure you spend your gifting budget where it matters most.

Can gifting be seen as bribery?

When done right, gifting is a powerful way to build meaningful connections. At Reachdesk we believe in gifting without asking for anything in return. Our gifting experts understand the nuances of anti-bribery regulations across different industries and will work with you to find the most appropriate and impactful approach including offering a variety of charity donation options.

How can I measure the success of my gifting campaigns?

You can’t build an effective strategy without data. The Reachdesk platform is built for revenue-driven teams and it gives you all the tools you need to track performance and prove ROI on your gifting campaigns. Find out more about Reachdesk Insights here.

How much does Reachdesk cost?

We have a range of packages to suit your needs. Speak to our sales team to find out more.

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