Global gifting with a local feel with Reachdesk Marketplace

Enhance every step of your buyer and customer journeys with relevant and personalized gifts. Reachdesk Marketplace makes it easy to surprise and delight your recipients – wherever they are in the world!


Creative and personal gifting

Fight digital fatigue with something real and tangible. Reachdesk Marketplace offers thousands of customizable gifts that drive better connections – whether that’s as part of SDR or ABM campaigns, during the deal process, or simply as a way of showing your clients some appreciation. 


Send gifts from local brands globally

We work with local vendors your recipients know and love. Surprise people with freshly baked brownies from their local bakery wherever in the world they are without having to worry about managing multiple vendors.


Create personalized gifts

Gifting should always be personal. You know someone’s favorite kind of drink? Why not send them a personalized engraved bottle alongside a handwritten note? Or a box of delicious cupcakes with their company logo to share with their team?


The perfect gift every time

By giving your recipients the ability to either exchange the gift for another item or donate the value of the gift to charity, you greatly reduce the chances of being told “thanks, but no thanks,” and increase your win rates.


Why Reachdesk Marketplace?

Don’t send more, send better

We allow you to measure the performance of your allbound engagement campaigns so that you’re always optimizing how you spend your gifting budget.

What you see is what you pay

Our prices include delivery so what you see is what you pay.

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Reachdesk Marketplace FAQs

Do Marketplace prices include delivery?

They sure do!

What items can I personalize?

We offer personalization options on a huge range of our items. Add a personal touch to your gifts with a hand-written note, an engraved bottle of their favorite drink or a cupcake with their company logo. All you have to do is give us the materials and instructions and we will work with the vendor to create your personalized gift. Personalization options depend on the vendor’s capabilities so please check with us for specific options.

What types of products can I buy on the Reachdesk Marketplace?

We offer a wide range of items to suit your budget and needs. You can find anything from delicious fresh treats to personalizable swag to luxury gift baskets, pampering and DIY kits. Check out our Marketplace updates for the latest and greatest additions to Reachdesk Marketplace.

What countries can I send Marketplace gifts to?

We work with local vendors in over 160 countries so that you can reach your recipients with fresh treats and loved brands wherever they are. See a full list of countries you can reach with Reachdesk Marketplace gifts.

Numbers that matter

1000 s

of gift options

160 +

Countries reached

How top teams use Reachdesk

"What used to take hours can now be done in minutes using Reachdesk."
Charlie Oldham, Marketing Director, Agillic

higher response rates

Charlie Oldham, Marketing Director, Agillic
“It was great to step away from finding suppliers and weighing options , without there being a ridiculous amount of hidden costs associated.”
Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
It's been great not having to work with multiple vendors and have everything under one hub. I love being able to see when a gift is sent and delivered, along with keeping track of the ROI of each campaign.
Risha Dewan Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps
Risha Dewan Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps

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