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A true feeling of unity across teams and boost in employee engagement


No hassle gift delivery to clients globally

Zappi is an automated research company which provides global consumer brands with the ability to test ads and innovative concepts, using carefully built audiences and metrics. With marketing channels highly saturated, it’s never been more important to make informed decisions about the ads and innovation you take to market, and this is where Zappi comes in.

‍Challenges / Problems:

Zappi’s challenge was two-fold:

  • Faced with a lengthy period of time away from the office and in-person events, Zappi was finding it challenging to create the truly meaningful touchpoints they wanted with clients. A lack of impromptu lunches and organically occurring run-ins meant that there was a gap that needed to be bridged.
  • Additionally, Zappi was growing fast and wanted a way to give new hires a warm welcome and to maintain a sense of unity and teamwork while their global team was working remotely. Having fully remote employees for the first time proved the need to connect in ways other than just over an online meeting. Finding new ways to celebrate milestones and successes was also a must.

Finding the right gifts for customers and employees around the globe was no small task and Zappi ran into problems with sourcing items for their global business needs. From a logistics point of view, having a team member source different gifts in each country was prohibitively difficult and time-consuming.

For internal sends, ordering something in one country would result in employees in that country receiving their swag quickly and teams across the globe getting theirs far later. For both internal and external sends, finding a singular global solution that could work in all of Zappi’s areas of business was increasingly difficult. What’s more, it was important for Zappi to find a gifting partner that will support their goal to lower the carbon footprint of their global brand and help them create sustainable, global gifting campaigns.


Zappi knew they needed a global gifting solution. One that could be onboarded easily and integrated well with their existing tech stack, that was also more eco-friendly than their existing direct mail methods.

Zappi partnered with Reachdesk to create a more sustainable and scalable global direct mail strategy. Zappi’s marketing, customer success and HR teams used Reachdesk in the US, UK and EMEA to deliver memorable experiences for Zappi employees and customers.

  • Global warehouses - our warehouses around the globe mean a lower carbon footprint than shipping everything from one location.
  • Suppliers - Zappi were able to step away from sourcing and vetting suppliers thanks to our platform and fantastic vendor offerings, saving time and money.
  • No hidden costs - Zappi had tried other solutions before Reachdesk and found a lot of hidden costs. At Reachdesk, you know exactly how much you’ll spend.
  • Merch problem solved - Reachdesk were able to help Zappi get the merch they needed into people’s hands - new hires and existing employees alike - in a timely, global, efficient way.
‍The Results

Zappi has seen results in multiple areas, including timely delivery of gifts and no hassle for team members trying to source items globally. Now that in-person events are taking place again, Zappi can easily send merchandise in bulk directly to international event venues.

Zappi are particularly happy with our Customer Success Team who help stay on top of things, and are proactive in their thought leadership. The process is hiccup-free, and consistent communication avoids any issues.

Seeing their early success with boosting employee engagement with direct mail, Zappi are planning to add direct mail touchpoints across all stages of the customer journey and to roll out Reachdesk and direct mail to other areas of the business.

A fantastic example of a campaign success was Zappi getting matching personalized t-shirts made for all employees for Pride, and doing a company-wide Pride Zoom celebration. Activities like this create a true feeling of unity when everyone is stuck working remotely.

"There's the two ends of sustainability; where we're actually sourcing from and the shipping. Having a gifting partner that has warehouses everywhere we're shipping to and can source locally into those warehouses cuts down our carbon footprint. That was a big selling point for us."
Ariel Madway, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi

About Zappi

‍Discover how Zappi used gifting to create meaningful touchpoints in a remote world

Industry: Computer Software

Company size: 201-500

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