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Challenges / Problems:

Poor connect rates & prospect engagement


Scalable and versatile solution without additional resources on their end

"Reachdesk helped Leadfeeder break through the noise and connect with prospects in a time of serious digital fatigue. By using direct mail, Leadfeeder increased their connect and response rates significantly leading to five new deals being closed in one month alone."

Leadfeeder helps B2B companies unmasking their website visitors by providing analytics on, how they got there and what pages they clicked. Leadfeeder has over 45,000 users globally and works with brands including Cision, Eventbrite and Meltwater.


During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Leadfeeder found that many of their ideal prospects were working remotely from home and had been feeling the full force of digital fatigue. Due to digital fatigue, prospects were less likely to respond to emails, join webinars and without cell phone numbers, cold calling became increasingly difficult for the Leadfeeder BDR and Sales teams.


Leadfeeder’s connect rate on the phone and response rate over email had dropped significantly meaning they were connecting with fewer prospects. Within the organization, management believed in direct mail and gifting as an outbound sales channel, but it was difficult to execute on and scale. Leadfeeder did not have the extensive human resources required to source, house and pack direct mail offerings. They needed a tool to help them in both Europe and the US, which would allow them to cut through the digital noise and engage their prospects on a global level.

How Reachdesk Helped

By using Reachdesk, Leadfeeder now have a tool that can source, house, pack and send direct mail to their ideal prospects at a few clicks through a cloud platform. Making use of Reachdesk’s address confirmation feature, Leadfeeder’s prospects were able to have direct mail and gifts sent to any address of their choosing. An even more powerful use case for Leadfeeder was being able to access eGift cards which allowed their teams to offer prospects anything from a coffee to lunch before or after calls via a link in an email to increase demo attendance and reduce drop offs.

Results, ROI & Future Plans

Leadfeeder’s biggest objective was to break through digital noise and drive new conversations, therefore increasing connect rate was essential. Throughout their activity utilizing direct mail, they have seen a 85% connect rate and a 384% ROI. In one month alone Leadfeeder were able to drive and close 5 deals which were all directly influenced by their usage of the Reachdesk platform.

This success has allowed them to continue their expansion into the US and Canada which is their main aim of 2021. Leadfeeder has confirmed that they will be continuing to use Reachdesk as they expand into these territories thanks in part to the results delivered in the UK and Europe but also thanks to Reachdesk’s ability to service the North American market as well.

About Leadfeeder

Discover how Leadfeeder utilizes direct mail hitting a 384% ROI and a 85% connect rate to new accounts

Industry: B2B visitor identification - IP unmasking & data services

Company size: 101-250

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