Break through the noise with hyper-personal Amazon gifting

Engaging and fuss-free Amazon sending – designed to promote deeper connections with your prospects and boost your allbound engagement strategy. 


Get a "wow" with the click of a button

Our research shows that personalization is one of the best ways to boost your win rates. Select from millions of items and effortlessly create unique, relevant, meaningful sends your recipients will love.


Take your Amazon sends to the next level

Don't get bogged down with complicated sending processes and long waits for your recipients to get their items. Take the smarter, speedier approach to Amazon sending with Reachdesk.


How Reachdesk is different

We've made it simpler than ever before to send highly personalised Amazon gifts to prospects, clients and employees alike. Make your Amazon gifting more engaging and showcase your sends with a click of a button.


Faster - No extra processing time: the item is sent directly from Amazon to your recipient. Don’t miss the moments that matter.


Greener - A smaller carbon footprint with fewer delivery steps and less wasted packaging.


Cheaper - Keep costs down - only pay for shipping once, only pay for gifts that are redeemed.

Want to know the full details?
Want to know the full details?

Ready to deliver moments that matter?