More than a gifting platform: a gifting partner

Boost your allbound engagement strategy and bring your campaign ideas to life with expert advice from designated project managers and gifting enthusiasts. 


Plan winning gifting campaigns

Coming up with the perfect gifting strategy, the perfect gift, the perfect message and making it all happen at the perfect time is not a small task. Our team of gifting fanatics are always here to give you a helping hand and inspire you with demand generation, ABM, and seasonal campaigns.


Design bespoke gift bundles

You want to create something really special for your recipients to create that WOW factor? Our team can help you source items and combine them to create a unique gift bundle. You can even add your own swag.


Create high-converting gifting landing pages

We’ve been in the business of gifting for long enough to know a thing or two about what makes a high-converting gifting landing page. We work with you to make sure you’re building the best gifting experience for your recipients and getting the best results from your campaigns.


Swag on demand

In addition to bespoke ideation, design and ordering from our team, Reachdesk Merchandise Builder enables you to design, order and re-stock branded high quality swag and merchandise to send to your clients, prospects, employees and fans - all through self-service.


Ship swag directly to your event venue

Are you planning an in-person event and stressing about getting goody bags at the venue on time? Stress no more. With Reachdesk, you can ship your swag directly to your event venue without having to worry about logistics.


Create unforgettable virtual experiences

Virtual and hybrid events are a great way to engage prospects, customers, and employees alike when we can’t all be together in the same room. But do you know what’s even better? Virtual experiences. With Reachdesk, you can bond over a shared activity such as a cooking class or a cocktail-making class without having to worry about all the needed goodies reaching everyone on time.


Numbers that matter

170 +


1000 s

of gift options

480 %

increase in ROI

How does it work?


Work with a designated project manager
Meet your personal gifting adviser


Brief us on your campaign goals
Tell us what you want to achieve with your campaign


Schedule a campaign planning call
Discuss goals and timelines


Get ideas from our gifting enthusiasts
Get inspired with campaign and gift ideas


Approve and order items
Finalize the plan and let us source the items


Stock in and get sending
It’s gifting time


How top teams have used Reachdesk

“The Reachdesk team does half of my job. They take such a lift off of brainstorming gift ideas and sourcing items. I don't think you can duplicate that with another company.”
Kiera Griffis, Marketing Campaign Manager, Divvy

increase in meeting show rates

Kiera Griffis, Marketing Campaign Manager, Divvy
“It was great to step away from finding suppliers and weighing options , without there being a ridiculous amount of hidden costs associated.”
Ariel Madway, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
Ariel Madway, Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
“The Reachdesk customer success team is world class. No longer are we chasing vendors, they are always there to answer questions and give actionable insights.”
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps

Sourcing & project management FAQs

Is there any markup on merchandise for using the project management service?

No! We don’t add any fees on top of the suppliers’ quotes and all suppliers are reasonably priced.

What level of involvement should I expect from my project manager?

We will advise on any ideas you have, source items, and handle the logistic side of delivering campaigns. We work with you for the creative aspects, taking your designs and advising on how to implement them.

Can I use my existing swag with the Reachdesk project management service?

Yes! We can combine any stock you already have with new items to create a bundle.

My event is in 3 weeks, can a campaign be sourced and delivered to the attendees by then?

We advise you to start sourcing for your campaign at least 4 weeks in advance but we’re known to sometimes work miracles. Please sync with your project manager to review your campaign request. If you have an extremely tight turn time, don't forget about the awesome selections on our Marketplace!

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