Store and ship your gifting inventory with Reachdesk

Manually sending swag can be a logistical nightmare and drain precious time from your allbound engagement strategy. That’s why companies trust Reachdesk’s global network of warehouses to manage all their swag needs – including storage, kitting, packing, shipping, and event fulfillment.


We 💜 swag!

Reachdesk Merchandise Builder makes it a breeze to design, order and re-stock branded high quality swag and merchandise to send to your clients, prospects, employees and fans - all through self-service.

Global network of warehouses for your swag


With our network of warehouses you can reach your recipients in almost every corner of the world. You can store your inventory and ship globally. We ship to more than 160 countries, navigating the stress of customs and duties so your recipients enjoy a smooth gifting experience.


No more heavy lifting

Send inventory to any of our global warehouses and place orders through the Reachdesk platform. We’ll store your goods and manage packing and shipping, enabling you to free up your office swag closet and throw away your packing tape. 


Fuss-free fulfilment

No need to kit your orders in advance. Select the items you want included along with any packing instructions in our platform and we put together the perfect unboxing experience for your prospects, clients, partners and employees. We’ll even add a free custom handwritten note.


Events made easy

Traveling to a trade show with suitcases full of swag is nobody’s idea of fun. Our event shipping service ensures your inventory arrives in the right place at the right time, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Numbers that matter

170 +

Countries reached

Storage & shipping FAQs

Can I send swag directly to my event venue?

Yes, you can. With our ship to event service you don’t have to worry about getting your swag and goody bags delivered to your event venue on time and leave the logistics to us.

Are there any restricted items?

Each of our warehouses across Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, and the United States follows the local shipping regulations. This means if some countries don't have the same regulations as others, every regulation will still be adhered to within that region. See a list of prohibited items here.

Which countries can I ship to with Reachdesk?

We ship to over 160 countries around the world through our global network of warehouses and local vendors. You can see a full list of countries we ship to here. As we grow our global presence we’re always adding more countries to the list.

How long does it take for items to arrive in my inventory?

Once your items have arrived at the warehouse it takes 72 hours for them to be processed and appear in your inventory. Also add on the time it takes to ship to the warehouse (e.g. if you picked next day delivery it will take 72 hours).

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