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Reachdesk is the #1 global gifting platform built for deep connection and game-changing results.
Francesca Fossati Senior Marketing Manager

Ok, Reachdesk, you have my full attention!
#ABM on point 👌

Ken Byrne Founder and CEO

While business partnerships are about business, thoughtful gestures are always appreciated. Thanks to the Team at #Reachdesk for the lovely gift that arrived at the office today.

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Game-changing gifting results

Reachdesk is built for measurable gifting at scale. We help you measure and monitor the ROI of your gifting campaigns so that your budget is spent where it matters most. We give you the insights you need to drive game-changing results.


Global corporate gifting reach

Never let geographical restrictions limit the reach of your gifting campaigns. With Reachdesk, you can source from local suppliers and ship to over 165 countries around the world.


Transparent gift pricing

We watch the industry take cream off the top of your gifting campaigns and we don’t think this is fair. That’s why we don’t charge markup on our marketplace items and we only charge for the eGift cards that get redeemed. We don’t want you to send more, we want you to send better and smarter.


Gifting software with a human feel

Gifting is all about how you make people feel. We help you create gifting campaigns that always feel right. We understand the local culture and work with loved local brands.


A gifting platform for connection-building teams


Break away from mass, spammy marketing, boost digital channel performance, and generate game-changing ROI.


Break into target accounts, accelerate sales pipeline, and close more deals.

Customer success

Retain customers, celebrate customer success, and drive customer expansion and referrals.


Boost employer brand, engage candidates, onboard new team members, and celebrate your people.

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Reachdesk's international capabilities are better than anyone else in this space. Their interface is also much more customizable than other services I have used in the past. Their customer success and support teams are very, very responsive.
The tool is relatively easy to use, and you have many different options to send gifts. Also, the team of Reachdesk is a huge plus! Everyone is super helpful and has a lot of knowledge. Additionally, we've seen a lot of improvements since starting to use the tool.
I love that Reachdesk is integrated with our other platforms, it's easy to use, and there are tons of options for reps to get creative with sending gifts to prospects. It's also very easy for prospects to receive the gifts securely. They also just rolled out a pretty nifty analytics suite.

What top teams say about Reachdesk

“Cold outbound email effectiveness dropped dramatically, and the only way we've been able to set high-quality meetings at scale lately has been through combining highly personalized outreach with relevant gifts and gift cards sent using Reachdesk."
Brandon Ray Head of Sales Development, Sailthru

Webinar attendance by sending an eGift card beforehand

Brandon Ray Head of Sales Development, Sailthru
“Reachdesk has been an invaluable tool in helping us accelerate our ABM program. It's a must-have for any marketers wishing to cut through the noise and engage their prospects in a far more compelling way.”
Matthew Robinson Marketing Director EMEA & APAC, Contentsquare

in opportunity pipeline generated

Matthew Robinson Marketing Director EMEA & APAC, Contentsquare
“In the virtual world it's a little challenging to make the team feel like we're all together and there's something about everyone wearing this matching personalized t-shirt and all being on zoom together that almost makes it feel like you're in the same place.”
Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
Ariel Madway Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Zappi
“Just seeing the thank you LinkedIn posts shows how impactful gifting can be in appreciating and thanking our customers.”
Dani Mortimer Customer Success Manager, Divvy
Dani Mortimer Customer Success Manager, Divvy

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