Reachdesk + HubSpot integration

Send, track, and measure gifting campaigns at scale with the Reachdesk + HubSpot integration.


Trigger gifting campaigns

You can send a Reachdesk campaign based off of any trigger in HubSpot. Simply select your enrollment criteria in HubSpot, choose 'Trigger Webhook', grab the webhook generated within your Reachdesk campaign (under Campaign Trigger - connector needs to be Hubspot), paste it in, and activate.


Send 1-2-1 gifting emails

Simply find a contact that you want to send your Reachdesk campaign to, hit the Reachdesk plugin in your browser extensions, and follow the prompts to send your campaign.


Track and measure gift interactions

The Reachdesk platform pushes a custom event to the contact’s activity feed for each direct mail send and then updates that activity accordingly (based on the send's status).


How does HubSpot integration work?


Once in the Reachdesk platform, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Hubspot.


Hit 'Link HubSpot Account'.


You'll be taken through to HubSpot to log in and then back to Reachdesk, where the connection will now have been made.

Want to know the full details?
Want to know the full details?

What our customers say

“When evaluating a technology partner, you’re not only looking for a product that meets your needs but also for a champion, a company willing to help you achieve your goals and Reachdesk has been the perfect partner.”
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps

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