Outreach + Reachdesk integration

Boost response rates and hyper-personalize your outreach using direct mail and egifting in your Outreach sequences.


Increase gift response rates

Adding an eGift to your outreach emails can increase your response rates. With the Reachdesk and Outreach integration, you can easily add gifting to your emails without leaving Outreach.


Make gifting easy

Send a Reachdesk gift with ease from within your Outreach sequences, be it a manual or automated send.


Track, follow up, and nurture

Use gift deliveries and redemptions as a timely reminder to follow up with a recipient and increase the chances of a response.


Measure gift campaign ROI

Track your sends back to your Outreach contact’s activity, or even link to Salesforce campaigns to see the impact of sends on opportunities.

Our bi-directional integration allows data, such as People data and Address Data, to be pulled from Outreach in real time and dynamically inserted into each communication for a seamless experience. Data can also be logged back into Outreach in real time once Reachdesk sends are completed.


How does Outreach integration work?

To integrate, just head to Settings > Integrations > click Link Outreach Account.

Want to know the full details?
Want to know the full details?

What our customers say

“When we first started using Reachdesk, we saw a 15% increase in meeting show rate. More shows equals more deals so that directly impacts our bottom line.”
Kiera Griffis, Marketing Campaign Manager, Divvy
Kiera Griffis, Marketing Campaign Manager, Divvy

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