Divvy boost brand awareness and incentivize customers

15% increase in meeting show rates

Increased brand awareness

Memorable experiences for prospects and customers

Divvy is a spend management solution, which modernizes the process of company purchases. Divvy takes the guesswork and most of the paperwork out of spending management enabling businesses to eliminate expense reports and retroactive reimbursements and giving them instant visibility, and easy control of company-wide spending.

‍Challenges / Problems:

Divvy wanted to improve their marketing and sales outreach and increase the show rate to their sales meetings. Direct mail wasn’t something that had been tried before, however, after weighing up their options, Divvy felt that Reachdesk were best positioned to help them:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase attendance to demos
  • Increase sales

In addition to this, Divvy were in the process of changing card providers when they first partnered with Reachdesk. Due to the admin load on customers, Divvy were seeking ways to incentivize their customers to get the switch completed in a timely fashion.

Divvy wanted a one-stop solution for branded gifts that could be sent out and subsequently shared on social media, generating more attention and buzz for the company.


Divvy’s marketing, sales, and customer success teams partnered with Reachdesk to deliver memorable experiences for prospects and customers alike. Divvy built data-driven gifting campaigns to generate greater brand awareness and to help incentivize their customers to complete a card provider transition.

  • Incentivize and appreciate customers with gifting - The customer success team at Divvy were able to rely on Reachdesk to source and provide gift cards for the admin teams performing card switchovers
  • Create personalized outreach that moves conversations faster - Reachdesk worked with Divvy’s marketing and sales teams to create various high-value sports-themed bundles for customers and prospects during a time of large sales
‍The Results

Adding gifting to Divvy’s outreach strategy accelerated their sales pipeline and helped them build deeper connections with prospects.

The customer success team at Divvy had the challenge of moving a set number of their customers to a new card provider in a short time period. Thanks to gifting and Reachdesk, they exceeded their goal by 100 companies.

With the successes seen across all areas of deployment, Divvy have recently renewed their partnership with Reachdesk and are keen to see where gifting takes them next. New areas for exploration include building deeper, more meaningful connections with customers and seeing how Reachdesk can be leveraged for employees and for branding.

“When we first started using Reachdesk, we saw a 15% increase in meeting show rate. More shows equals more deals so that directly impacts our bottom line.”
Kiera Griffis, Marketing Campaign Manager, Divvy

About Divvy

Learn how Divvy improved sales and marketing outreach through the power of direct mail

Industry: Spend Management

Company size: 501-1000

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