Reachdesk + Salesloft integration

Book more meetings, increase response rates, and nurture prospects with Salesloft and Reachdesk.


Increase gift response rates

Adding an eGift to your email outreach can help you get up to 212% increase in response rates, 15% increase in demo meeting show rates, and even boost close rates by 19%.


Make gifting easy

Send a Reachdesk gift with ease from within your Salesloft cadences.


Nurture and follow up

Use gift deliveries and redemptions as a timely reminder to follow up with a recipient and increase the chances of a response.


Measure ROI

Track your sends back to your Salesloft contact’s activity, or even link to Salesforce campaigns to see the impact of sends on opportunities.


How does Salesloft integration work?

To integrate, just head to Settings > Integrations > click Link Salesloft Account.

Want to know the full details?
Want to know the full details?

What our customers say

“With Reachdesk, planning our gifting budgets is a lot easier. I can see how much each team spends, what results they generate, and what types of campaigns work best.”
Kelly Walters, Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesloft
Kelly Walters, Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesloft

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