test IO automates their previously manual direct mail


Uplift in Response Rates


Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost

Challenges / Problems:

Direct mail was manual, time consuming and inefficient. No ROI reporting possible.


Integrate direct mail in the sales team's day-to-day by adding them directly to Outreach Sequences.

"Reachdesk has opened a whole world of prospecting. What used to take weeks can now be done in a few hours."
Ryan White, Business Development Manager test.IO
‍Challenges Faced

test IO, now part of EPAM, is a global leader in software crowd testing. With a focus on generating qualified meetings with senior decision-makers and building opportunity pipeline, the SDR and Marketing team previously used direct mail and gifting to cut through the noise. The process was manual and time-consuming, taking over 4 weeks per campaign to execute. Campaigns became outdated due to the time it took to roll out as items were packed manually in the test IO offices. This also meant prospecting time was reduced. SDRs couldn’t track when packages arrived in real-time, which meant following up in a timely manner wasn’t possible.

“A Streamlined Solution”

test IO needed a tool to create a scalable and streamlined DM strategy allowing SDRs to incorporate the physical channel into their outbound efforts and report on the ROI and success of campaigns. Reachdesk has enabled test IO to add DM to their Outreach sequences so that hyper personalised sends can be made within their Sales Engagement platform. ROI can also be measured in test IO’s Salesforce CRM.

“Reachdesk has opened a whole world of prospecting. What used to take weeks can now be done in a few hours” Ryan White, Manager - Business Development

The Value of Personalised Direct Mail

Using Reachdesk’s personalization features and real-time delivery tracking, test IO’s response rates increased from 5% to 30% - an uplift of 600%. Outreach sequences with Reachdesk DM touchpoints have created an uplift in demo re-engagement from 3% to 11% and new demos booked from 3% to 8%.

Individual SDRs previously spent 8-10 hours per campaign manually sending packages. This has now been reduced to 5 minutes saving 2 full workdays per SDR per campaign. Time can now be focused on engaging new prospects, booking more meetings, and generating more pipeline. As a result test IO’s Customer Acquisition Cost has reduced by 46%.

What’s next?

test IO is now expanding its use of Reachdesk into the Sales, Marketing and Customer Success team to manage the entire customer lifecycle. The business has recently started using Reachdesk’s warehouses and pick and pack services in the US and Europe to reduce cost, increase personalization and be more sector-specific per send. They’re looking forward to launching their first bundles soon.

About test IO

test IO needed a tool for a scalable & streamlined DM strategy. SDRs can now incorporate the physical channel into their outbound efforts & report the ROI.

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Company size: 51-200

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