Cordial celebrates employees with a custom swag portal

The challenge

Cordial required a bespoke store portal that would sync with their internal rewards system and allow their workforce to access high-quality branded swag. Providing a seamless experience that was consistent with Cordial’s brand identity was a top priority. 

While creating and delivering branded merchandise is one of Reachdesk’s specialities, this project would be our first time developing a custom rewards-based portal.

The solution

In collaboration with our trusted web development platform Bento, we identified the optimal functionalities to meet Cordial’s exact needs and implemented a custom code to enable cohesive branding across the store portal.

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The results

After a few weeks of scoping, testing and refining, Reachdesk successfully created a rewards-based store portal for Cordial’s employees that functioned exactly how Cordial had envisioned.

This store is unique because of its non-transactional nature – instead of currency, Cordial’s internal rewards system is translated into credit on each individual's account. Employees can navigate the store with their unique credit allowance and receive items within days.

If you're a Reachdesk customer and want to give your workforce a slick, custom experience, speak to our Store Portal team today. 


  • A bespoke project requiring scoping and testing to ensure full functionality
  • A store portal offering a seamless employee experience

About Cordial

Cordial is the only true marketing platform that empowers brands to fully automate their marketing strategies and power billions of high-conversion messages based on data. 

Industry: Software

Company size: 130

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