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Unlock the power of your data with Reachdesk Insights

16 August 22

Recent research shows that businesses spend more than $258bn a year on gifting1. This growing level of spend is perhaps no surprise given that direct mail as a tactic offers greater RoI than email, social, or paid search2, with eight out of ten marketing managers reporting better results when adding direct mail to their digital marketing mix3.

Current economic conditions mean that there is ever-greater scrutiny on budgets and unprecedented pressure on go-to-market teams to deliver results. Unfortunately, the majority of companies that use direct mail have no way of accurately showing the extent to which it’s helping them achieve their business goals.

And as the old saying goes: you can’t manage what you can’t measure. If you don’t know where your spend is having an impact, any attempt to improve it is guesswork.

This is why we built Reachdesk Insights. It is specifically designed to help go-to-market teams optimise their direct mail and gifting strategies, and prove the impact it is having on key business results.

Since it launched in November 2021, the most powerful gifting intelligence in the marketplace has already helped hundreds of Reachdesk clients grow their pipelines, book more meetings, and close more deals.

However, we’re very excited to tell you about a major upgrade to its capabilities, arming go-to-market teams with double the insight, several new data-driven tools to turbocharge gift redemption and user adoption, and a host of improvements to help you send smarter and maximise the return on your investment in gifting.


What's new?

Opportunity stage analysis

Reachdesk’s new opportunity stage analysis puts gifting under the microscope at every stage of a relationship, examining activity by team, gift type, recipient seniority, levels of engagement and close rate.insights3
Unprecedented insight into how gifting is being applied throughout the opportunity lifecycle enables you to pinpoint the sweet spots where your spend is having the greatest impact enables you to double down on winning strategies and replicate success elsewhere.

Conversely, by identifying areas where your sends are having less impact you can tweak your approach to either change your approach or redeploy the gifting spend in areas where prospects are more likely to engage.

Recipient analysis

Recipient analysis helps you make better decisions about your gifting strategy at an individual recipient level by providing an overview of all outreach to every contact that has been offered a gift.

It enables you to track spend on individuals over time to prevent overspending, quantify their engagement with your outreach so far and assess how valuable the contact is based on the all open opportunities that they’re currently linked to. This information can then be used to further strategise what actions to take next.

Recipient reminder emails

Our research shows that if a prospect redeems a gift, they are much more likely to go through to Closed Won. However, emails can get lost in cluttered inboxes and busy recipients easily forget to redeem in time.

Following testing, we found that a reminder email sent at the right moment makes the recipient 15% more likely to redeem your gift, therefore giving you a better chance of winning their business. By automating this process we remove the burden of manually sending reminder emails, freeing your team to concentrate on driving revenue.

Sender performance email

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition. Each month users are sent a new automated email that gives a breakdown of their sending for the month, an indication of how they’re doing in comparison to the top senders on their team and lists some available campaigns for inspiration.

The emails boost user adoption through a mixture of gamification and calls to action, ensuring you maximise your investment in Reachdesk and it stays top-of-mind for your teams.


What's improved?

Overview dashboardinsights1

You can now put recipient engagement under the microscope with new filters in the Overview area that enable you to examine performance by team, sender and campaign to identify your most successful performers and highlight areas for improvement.

Opportunities analysis

We have added a column to the Opportunities area that enables users to see the RAG state an opportunity is in at a-glance.

Influence analysis

We’ve added insight into the influence your gifting is having on pipeline creation. This is particularly useful for marketing and BDR teams to demonstrate how they are achieving against their key objectives: creating opportunities. The insight enables you to pinpoint and double down on your most effective campaigns for pipeline generation and prove the contribution you’re making, helping you secure and grow your gifting budgets.

You can also now see recipient engagement stats and redemption rate (by team, sender and campaign) on all tables in the Influence area. Clicking on the Gifts Offered column takes you to the Sends tab filtered to show these sends.

You can now filter Insights by team, sender and campaign, allowing for even more detailed analysis and a clearer view of how your gifting strategy is performing. This also enables you to pinpoint any teams and users that are yet to send a gift, identifying any areas where adoption is low and take corrective action - whether through extra training or buddying with users / teams that are using the software more effectively.


We are continually working to ensure Reachdesk Insights gives you the insight you need to make better, data-driven strategic decisions that have a genuine impact on the metrics you care about.

To find out more, please check out our Reachdesk Insights page or if you’re keen to see it in action, then get in touch and we’ll set you up a personalized demo with a member of our team.





Andy Willetts Product Marketing Manager @ Reachdesk

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