Gifting intelligence for go-to-market teams

Optimize your gifting strategy to grow more pipeline, book more meetings and close more deals

Level up your decision making

Has basic gifting MI got you asking “so what”? Reachdesk Insights gives you the tools you need to make better, data-driven strategic decisions that have a genuine impact on the metrics you care about.


Nail your strategy

Pinpoint sweet spots where gifting has most impact and identify problem areas enabling you to double down on winning plays and tweak less successful approaches, minimizing wasted spend and maximizing your RoI.


Benchmark gifting performance

You are not operating in a vacuum. Reachdesk Insights benchmarking data shows you how your performance stacks up against the Reachdesk client average across a range of metrics.


Secure your budget

There is ever-greater scrutiny on budgets and unprecedented pressure on go-to-market teams to deliver results. Reachdesk Insights puts RoI and campaign influence data at your fingertips, giving you everything you need to prove your contribution and secure - or grow - your gifting budgets.


Drive full adoption

By highlighting gaps in usage and areas of low adoption, you can explore the potential reasons for this and take action to ensure that all your teams are getting the most out of gifting.


How does it work?

Reachdesk Insights gives you powerful insight and analysis across five key areas:


Overview | maximize adoption | measure performance | benchmark against RD average


Analysis | understand and replicate successes | highlight problems | optimize strategy


Recipients | track spend on individuals | quantify engagement | assess value


Opportunities | track spend by teams | view opportunity state at-a-glance | follow multithreading strategies


Influence | monitor gifting effectiveness | see impact of gifting on pipeline growth and close rates | prove RoI


Insights delivered

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How top teams use Reachdesk

"We now can make better use of our budget because we can track the cost of campaigns and see what gift types get higher redemption rates. Also, it's great to monitor user engagement and accurately calculate ROI from the gifting platform overall."
Jessica Poppelreiter Senior Field Marketing Manager, Sendbird
Jessica Poppelreiter Senior Field Marketing Manager, Sendbird
"With Reachdesk Insights, planning our gifting budgets is a lot easier. I can see how much each team spends, what results they generate, and what types of campaigns work best."
Kelly Walters Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesloft
Kelly Walters Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesloft

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