Unlock the power of data insights for your gifting campaigns

Benchmark, track, and measure the performance of your gifting campaigns, make sure your budget is going in the right place and boost your ROI by 400%.


Remove the gifting guesswork

Have you ever wondered which gifts deliver best results and how much your team spends on gifting? Reachdesk Insights takes the guesswork out of gifting so that you can create data-driven gifting campaigns that always feel right and generate results.


Benchmark gifting performance

Having a gifting strategy with no measurable end goal in mind makes it impossible to determine success. Now you can set meaningful goals for your gifting campaigns based on performance data from hundreds of Reachdesk users across the globe.


Monitor usage and become a pro gifter

Gifting is the secret weapon your commercial team has been asking for, but are they using it well? Who are your top gifters? What can you learn from them? How are teams making use of the gifting channel? Reachdesk Insights answers these questions so that you’re always learning and improving your gifting.


Measure gifting ROI and optimize spend

Reachdesk Insights helps you optimize the way you spend your gifting budget by enabling clear ROI reporting. With Rechdesk Insights, you can link your Salesforce opportunities to gifting campaigns and see at a glance which opportunities have been influenced by gifting, how much you’ve spent, and what revenue each opportunity will bring.


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How top teams use Reachdesk

"We now can make better use of our budget because we can track the cost of campaigns and see what gift types get higher redemption rates. Also, it's great to monitor user engagement and accurately calculate ROI from the gifting platform overall."
Jessica Poppelreiter Senior Field Marketing Manager, Sendbird
Jessica Poppelreiter Senior Field Marketing Manager, Sendbird
"With Reachdesk Insights, planning our gifting budgets is a lot easier. I can see how much each team spends, what results they generate, and what types of campaigns work best."
Kelly Walters Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesloft
Kelly Walters Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Salesloft

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