Similarweb increases sales velocity


Significant reduction in average deal length time


Increased show rates throughout the whole sales process

Challenges / Problems:

Poor meeting show rates and long sales cycles.


Hyper-personalized outreach combined with automatic reporting.

"By connecting Similarweb’s knowledge of prospects and understanding the customer journey, we were able to highlight opportunities for surprise and delight and allow people to develop personal relationships with the business along the whole sales cycle."

As the most trusted platform for understanding online behavior, millions of people use Similarweb’s insights daily to strengthen their knowledge of the digital world. They empower anyone — from the curious individual to the enterprise business leader — to make smarter decisions by understanding why things happen across the digital ecosystem.


Our relationship with Similarweb began in one of our favourite ways; they weren't in the market for a gifting solution! Still, thanks to a creative email (and a spot of us walking our walk), they were intrigued by the prospect of how we might work together.

Enticed by our promise of flexibility, ease, global reach including Europe, and our proactive approach to feedback, Similarweb gave us the opportunity to prove how direct mail and gifting could help improve their sales cycle and drive more new business opportunities.


Similarweb’s main priority was to use Reachdesk to drive more business. Our first challenge was to equip Similarweb to book as many meetings as possible and increase the show rates of the booked meetings.

Additionally, we also established workflows to demonstrate how strategic direct mail and gifting could shorten their sales cycle, and bring dormant prospects back to life.

How Reachdesk Helped

Similarweb leveraged the convincing power of emotional connections by allowing people to develop personal relationships with the business. Similarweb focused on sending physical, hyper-personalized gifts before a meeting to encourage attendance and to reignite conversations. From here they found they were able to reduce meeting attendance drop off rates and connect with prospects to drive new opportunities.

By connecting Similarweb’s knowledge of prospects and understanding the customer journey, we were able to highlight opportunities for surprise and delight along the way.

As you might expect from a market intelligence company, Similarweb was drawn to our granular approach to metrics and reporting. The Reachdesk dashboard made it easier to make strategic decisions based on the needs of both the team, and the individuals within it, without the constant struggle of manually organizing and sorting data in spreadsheets.

Results, ROI & Future Plans

Within just a few months Similarweb is seeing an increase in sales velocity with a positive reduction in the length of their average sales cycle. By decreasing the average deal time length, it allows Similarweb’s go-to-market teams to move onto other deals quicker.

Furthermore, Similarweb has been able to increase show rates for meetings throughout the whole sales process by making gifting an integral part of their strategy.

About Similarweb

Learn how Similarweb increased sales velocity through the power of personalization

Industry: Market Research, Sales Intelligence

Company size: 501-1000

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