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Reachdesk Release Update September 22

14 October 22

Our September release saw one big eGift update and a handful of small-but-mighty enhancements to make your gifting experience better than ever before! Read on for more information...

🚀 New features

🎁 Major eGift update

As part of our continuing drive to provide the most extensive global gifting offering in the marketplace we have added a plethora (71 if you were wondering) of new Uber Rides and Uber Eats eGift cards. This means you can now gift Uber transport and food delivery across 69 countries covering every* continent. 

On top of this, you can now keep your Canadian contacts caffeinated with all-new Tim Horton’s and Starbucks eGift cards for Canada.

Reachdesk has over 3,800 eGift cards on offer spanning more than 170 countries and these new additions mean even greater flexibility, enabling you to send locally popular gifts as part of your outreach no matter where in the world your prospects are based.

*OK, we don’t have anything for Antarctica yet but we promise that as soon as Uber hires some sled drivers we’ll be on it.


🛠 Enhancements

Improve loading time of Ship Notices

ZOOM! Sorry, that was just the Ship Notices page. It used to take a leisurely seven seconds to load but we’ve made some tweaks, added a couple of go-faster stripes and it now loads in a supersonic 132 milliseconds - or twice as fast as the average human reaction time.

Link to set up guide on integrations page

To help all you new Reachdesk for People clients get up-and-running as quickly as possible we’ve added links to integration documentation on every Reachdesk for People HRIS tile, making it easy to get set up and start gifting to your people.

Multi-instance domain verification

The same domain can now be verified across multiple Reachdesk instances, which is ideal for sending from the same domain across GTM and Reachdesk for People instances. We’ve also made domain verification more secure by adding a new verification code to the domain sync process.


And that wraps up our releases for September! As always, this new functionality comes from a blend of proactive innovation from our incredible tech team and co-innovation with our wonderful clients. Join us again next month for more fabulous features and enhancements to make it even easier to deliver moments that matter to your prospects, clients, partners and employees.

In the meantime, if you have anything you’d love to see in Reachdesk - or you have any questions - please get in touch.

Andy Willetts Product Marketing Manager @ Reachdesk

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