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Reachdesk and INFUSE: Revolutionizing B2B demand generation with personalized corporate gifting

28 June 24

Picture this: you’re a marketer trying to cut through the noise with traditional campaigns that just aren't hitting the mark. Now, imagine sending a personalized gift that lands on your prospect's desk right when they need it most, sparking a genuine connection. That’s our bread and butter here at Reachdesk, helping you and your team win deals and engage hard to reach contacts with innovative direct mail and gifting solutions.

Marketing and selling B2B products and services is more challenging than ever. Tight budgets, stretched teams, and crowded markets make capturing the attention of busy decision makers increasingly difficult.

That’s why we're thrilled to announce our partnership with INFUSE, a global leader in B2B demand generation. Together, we'll enhance your demand generation strategies through integrated and personalized corporate gifting while creating memorable buyer interactions, generating more pipeline, and increasing customer loyalty.

🚀 Unlock the full potential of your B2B demand strategy

So, how can ambitious businesses with limited budgets stand out from the competition, nurture buyers, and turn prospects into loyal, raving fans? This is the challenge we tackle every day at Reachdesk. And now, with our new partnership with INFUSE, we can solve it even faster through integrated and tailored corporate gifting, ensuring memorable client interactions and increased customer loyalty. Read on to discover how.


🤝 Seamless partnership for enhanced engagement

By using a platform like INFUSE, B2B marketing leaders can efficiently plan, set up, and launch their demand generation programs. Now, gifting can also play a key role in generating demand amongst target accounts. Here's how:


1. Set up your personalized program

Create automated workflows via Salesforce to seamlessly incorporate personalized gifts from the Reachdesk platform, such as marketplace items, into your INFUSE-based demand generation programs. This integration allows you to create unforgettable experiences for target buyers, enhancing engagement and driving business results.


2. Create SLAs and follow-up guidelines

Ensure your sales team is aware of existing campaigns and understands their crucial role in following up with engaged accounts. Timely and relevant gift-powered outreach will increase response rates and keep your brand top of mind.


3. Nurture (and retarget) your target accounts

Use hyper-personalized gifts, such as bespoke bundles, to strengthen relationships with champions and expedite the sales cycle. Corporate gifting proves invaluable for reigniting conversations with champions, capturing decision maker's attention, or celebrating a closed deal with the entire buying group.


4. Measure the results of your program

Gain access to integrated tracking to comprehensively analyze and report on the impact of direct mail on buyer behavior and campaign outcomes. Measure your ROI effectively, derive actionable insights, and optimize your program to maximize results.


📈 Benefits of an integrated approach

Direct mail and corporate gifting shouldn't operate in isolation as an ad hoc marketing and sales channel. Instead, corporate gifting strategies and platforms, such as Reachdesk, should be integrated into comprehensive departmental plans and programs, using tools like INFUSE. This integration allows your marketing and sales teams to achieve better results, including:

  • Establishing a differentiated brand presence
  • Improving lead quality
  • Strengthening customer loyalty
  • Maximizing ROI (did you know Reachdesk guarantees 5X ROI or your money back?)


If you're curious to learn more about how Reachdesk and INFUSE work together, take a look at our Better Together Playbook. 


About Reachdesk

Reachdesk, a global leader in personalized corporate gifting, offers a wide range of high-quality, customizable gifts aimed at fostering strong client relationships and driving business growth. Through Reachdesk’s platform, businesses can create meaningful connections with customers using thoughtful and targeted corporate gifting and direct mail strategies.


Since 2012, INFUSE has been instrumental in helping clients and partners craft and optimize demand programs that precisely target their audience, engage buyers, and achieve their goals. The company has cultivated thousands of business relationships by strategically promoting content through social media, targeted display ads, mobile platforms, and direct outreach campaigns. INFUSE harnesses its proprietary AI technology and first-party data to drive effective and personalized marketing strategies.

Sofia Silva Marketing Manager @ Reachdesk

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