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Meet the ABX Team

15 July 22

Our newly formed Account-Based Experience Team is on a mission to support the success of our customers, like you, who are building and evolving gifting strategies into their overall account-based initiatives. 

Personalization is paramount when it comes to perfecting the art of gifting and our ABX Strategists are here to enable, empower, and encourage gifting that is impactful and drives the best return on your investment.

From persona-based gifting guides to interactive workshops, our ABX team is committed to providing you with strategic content to enhance the effectiveness and relevancy of your gifting efforts. 

 Over the next few months our strategists will be creating and sharing some great gifting ideas for your teams to leverage, especially as we head into the holiday gifting season! In the meantime, check out our ABX Gifting Playbook & keep a lookout for more. 

πŸ’œ Meet the Team

✨ Avery Schwarz

Avery older headshot

Avery joined Reachdesk in April after working four years at FIS growing and scaling the company's first ABM program. Located in Chicago, IL, Avery loves to cook, travel, and enjoys sweet sips (tequila soda or aperol spritz) on a sunny summer day. 


🎁 Avery's favorite gift to give: Flowers! Avery loves giving (and receiving) flowers with a personal handwritten note


✨ Ellie Buggy

Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 09.26.38

Ellie joined Reachdesk in May after working closely with the sales team at Paddle, a payments software, to build their ABM strategy from scratch. Ellie is located in London & enjoys running, swimming & brunching.


🎁 Ellie's favorite gift to give: Anything personalized, ideally with the recipient's name or initials engraved (personalized gin goes down a treat!)


Check out our ABX Gifting Playbook


Account-based experience (ABX) is the next natural step in the evolution of ABM that takes your go-to-market strategy to a whole new level. It brings your marketing, sales, and customer success teams together to create a data-driven and personalized experience that can carry you straight to the hearts of your customers:

  • What is ABX and how to get started
  • How to gain a competitive advantage with ABX
  • How to use ABX alongside direct mail and gifting to create memorable experiences

Check out the guide... 


Lauren Spears Reachdesk Customer Marketing Manager

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