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Reachdesk Release Update July 22

1 August 22

We're back again with more awesome new features and enhancements to Reachdesk. July saw no let up from our amazing product and engineering teams as they bring you fantastically flexible funding, a heavy-hitting HR integration, excellent email engagement, and some super-slick stock updates. Read on for more information...

🚀 New features

💰 Team wallets

First up is a big change to how we manage balances in Reachdesk. It used to be that funds were either in a company or user balance. However, we got feedback that our clients - particularly at the enterprise level - craved greater flexibility around how funds are allocated.

In response to this, funds can now be allocated directly to a team wallet without first having to be added to a company balance, making it quicker and simpler to add credit. Plus teams can now manage their own funds, which are protected from other users. Find out more...


🤝 ADP Workforce Now integration

Another month, another new integration between Reachdesk for People and a leading core HR tool. This time, we've added connectivity with ADP’s Workforce Now platform, bringing us to a total of seven integrations with HRIS and a pipeline of more coming throughout the rest of the year, meaning even more clients can integrate their HRIS with Reachdesk for People, enabling them to send personalized gifts at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Find out more...


🏆 Monthly sender performance email

Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? We've introduced a new automated email that gives senders a breakdown of their activity for the month, an indication of how they’re doing in comparison to the top senders on their team and lists some available campaigns for inspiration.

The email uses gamification and calls to action designed to turbocharge your user adoption, ensuring you maximise your investment in Reachdesk and it stays top-of-mind for your teams. 


📦 Show stock level of items in bundle campaigns

It used to be that admins and campaign managers had to check the inventory page to see stock levels for items when building a bundle campaign. This was inconvenient and if you didn’t think to check there was a chance you could miss low stock levels and end up with items out of stock after just a few sends. To fix this, you can now see stock levels in real time as you build the campaign and proactively reorder items if needed. Find out more...


🛠 Enhancements

Sends Page: performance and filter enhancements

We’ve made a couple of tweaks to the send page that mean faster load times and an overhaul of the filter so it is more in line with the filters in the Insights section.

Enlarge / Zoom in on pictures in the Marketplace

Want a closer look at that box of cookies? You can now view marketplace images in full screen by clicking the enlarge icon in the top right of the image.

Marketplace Search Bar reposition

We’ve shifted the search bar to a more convenient location in the marketplace.

Improved Campaigns page loading, pagination and search functionality

ZOOM Wow! What was that? It must have been the newly super speedy campaigns page loading after those performance improvements we made. We’ve also added new pagination and a handy search bar.

Skip payment step if user only has enough balance in one currency

It used to be that you always had to select a currency when making a send. We’ve taken this step out for situations where you only have enough funds to pay for it in one currency.

Set default preferred currency for an organisation for bulk user imports and new users created via SSO

Previously, preferred currencies were defaulting to GBP when a new user is added via bulk user imports or SSO.  We’ve now created a jazzy new “Default Preferred Currency” field on the organisation-level so this can be updated according to the organisation’s preferred currency.


And there you have it - a host of amazing new features to get involved with. As always, this new functionality comes from a blend of proactive innovation from our incredible tech team and co-innovation with our wonderful clients. If you have anything you’d love to see in Reachdesk - or you have any questions - please get in touch.

Andy Willetts Product Marketing Manager @ Reachdesk

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