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Introducing Reachdesk for People

25 May 22

The past few years have seen unprecedented disruption to the world of work. Several major trends have left People and HR teams in a position where they need to adapt quickly or risk losing the war for talent.

We’ve seen a boom in WFH and hybrid working. Despite its many benefits, 41% of employees report feelings of isolation when working remotely1, with fewer opportunities to connect with their colleagues and their company’s culture.

Next, there’s the ongoing Great Resignation. An unusually high number of people are changing jobs, with almost four in five citing a lack of appreciation as a key reason for leaving2.

On top of this, thanks to sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn, candidates have more insight into what life at an employer is like than ever before. Social proof is quickly becoming one of the most important pillars of a company’s employer brand, with 79% of candidates reading online reviews of a company before accepting a job3.

With all this in mind, it perhaps isn’t a surprise that we’ve seen an explosion in Reachdesk clients using our platform to gift internally. Our clients have sent tens of thousands of gifts to their employees in the last few months alone.

However, Reachdesk was designed specifically for Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Client Success teams. From speaking to HR professionals about how they use Reachdesk - and from our own experience of all the internal gifting we do - we realized that additional functionality was needed for Reachdesk to be as effective for people teams as it is for commercial teams.

That is why we built Reachdesk for People: a brand new corporate gifting tool that empowers people teams to send personalized gifts throughout the employee lifecycle. It removes the logistical and administrative issues associated with gifting, enabling organizations to focus on attracting and retaining the best talent by building a culture of appreciation.


Why Reachdesk for People?

Reachdesk for People is purpose-built to help people teams solve the biggest problems they face today:

Secure the best talent

Savvy HR leaders know that boosting their employer brand by making their people their biggest advocates is a great way to get the edge in a highly competitive talent market. With a huge range of curated marketplace vendors and eGift brands, Reachdesk for People makes it easy to send thoughtful gifts your people will want to shout about on their socials.

Minimize attrition

Reachdesk for People’s smart automated gifting makes it easy to send meaningful gifts to employees in the moments that matter. This makes your people feel a greater degree of connection to you as an employer, boosting engagement and helping you hold on to top talent. Turn the great resignation into the great recognition.

Maximize employee experience

Creating an exceptional experience for employees has never been more challenging. However, by using the number one global gifting platform to keep your people connected with your culture and vibe, you can help make sure dispersed and remote employees feel engaged and part of the team.

Deliver on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives

Recent research found that 78% of employees say it is important that their employer prioritizes DEI4. Reachdesk for People supports your DEI initiatives both through gifting to celebrate events such as Pride and International Women’s Day, and also by enabling you to source gifts from ethical and minority-owned businesses, helping you foster an inclusive culture.

Do more with less

With its integration with your core HR system and its powerful automated gifting, Reachdesk for People eliminates the manual, repeatable aspects of employee gifting enabling busy people teams to minimize their administrative burden and free up bandwidth to concentrate on strategic value-add work.

How does Reachdesk for People work?

Reachdesk for People is based on the leading Reachdesk platform, meaning you have access to our curated marketplace of gift vendors and more than 3,800 eGift cards covering over 160 countries. Reachdesk for People also gives you access to our global network of warehouses where you can store and send branded swag and bespoke bundles all over the world.

But most importantly, it comes with a number of additional features and functionality purpose-built to meet the needs of people teams:


Reachdesk for People integrates directly with your core HR system ensuring your employee data is current and correct. Current integrations include Workday, BambooHR and Hibob with more to be added in the coming months.people-integrations
You can use Reachdesk for People to send ad-hoc gifts and bundles - either as one-off sends to individual employees (eg a baby hamper to celebrate the arrival of an employee’s new child), or a one-time bulk send to a team, group or even your entire workforce (eg a swag bundle to celebrate a new product launch).


Powerful automation makes it a breeze to gift in the moments that matter, freeing your team to concentrate on value-add work. Sends can be triggered by a range of employee events, enabling you to automate employee gifts such as:

  • A new joiner being sent an onboarding swag bundle in advance of their start date
  • Sending an employee an eGift card on their fifth anniversary
  • Celebrating an employee's birthday with a sweet treat


Reachdesk for People provides detailed insight into the number of gifts sent and redeemed, powerful benchmarking that shows how you stack up against other Reachdesk clients, and a range of other useful metrics to demonstrate how your gifting strategy is performing. This ultimately enables you to understand how gifting is contributing to your overall employee engagement strategy.

We are hugely excited to be bringing Reachdesk for People to you and we hope you feel the same way. To find out more, please check out our Reachdesk for People page or if you’re keen to see it in action, then get in touch and we’ll set you up a personalized demo with a member of our team.







Andy Willetts Product Marketing Manager @ Reachdesk

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