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The Future is Hyper-Personalized Gifting

20 March 24

We've sent millions of corporate gifts through the Reachdesk platform over the years, and we've seen it all. From the simple Starbucks gift card that improves meeting show rates to $1000 worth of bottles of personalized champagne to celebrate a customer's promotion, all the way to one-off custom Nikes sent to people's homes as part of an ABM play. But today, a new version of Reachdesk is being unveiled. One where you can deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale... Today, we're introducing Reachdesk AI.

The development of Reachdesk AI

Everyone is unique

When it comes to creating hyper-personalized experiences, we believe it's critical that every company can leverage its own brand identity, previous interactions with customers, business goals, existing data, and signals, so that they can be unique in their approach. One-size-fits-all approaches don't work anymore; every person and every company is unique. But from now on, personalization at scale doesn't have to be hard anymore. Reachdesk AI allows you to integrate all your buyers' and customers' information, as well as your team's goals, and helps you craft personalized gifts and messages that are relevant to you and your customers.


AI-generated recommendations

Our goal is to help marketing, sales, customer success, and HR teams know when to connect, with whom, and what to send them, so they can hit their goals in a way they've never had before. No more guesswork: Reachdesk AI is here. And we're just getting started. 

If we look a the data, we can see that 76% of direct mail sends don't receive an immediate response. Why? Usually, it's because the message is off. And sure, there's AI out there that can generate messages for you. But without understanding the recipient or the sender, it's about as useful as a pun with no punchline.

With Reachdesk AI, you can craft the perfect and relevant message, that takes into consideration not only your objectives, but also your recipient — who they are, where they work, what they do, what they like, and even what their native language is — and let your SDRs focus on what they do best: sell your product.

Reachdesk AI Gift note

A worldie of a problem to solve...

We're well known for a number of things. We've invented the 5X ROI Guarantee, 1-1 personalized gifts, and custom landing pages for remote sending, to name a few. But one of the things we're particularly proud of is our ability to deliver across the globe, both in our supply chain infrastructure and our customer service. We're London-founded and New York HQ'd, and we knew from the start that building deeper connections through direct mail and gifting was not a US or UK need, it was a global one. 

And what better way to expand our global offering than with an AI solution that operates in multiple languages?! Reachdesk AI elevates your global gifting strategy by not only crafting personalized messages but also crafting personalized messages in your recipient's languages. No more getting lost in translation...Reachdesk AI Gift note Spanish

What's next?

We've built the most extensive catalog of gifts, merch, swag, and eGift cards across the globe. And now, we're unlocking the potential behind all of this by empowering senders to choose the perfect gift, for the right person, with the right message. 

In the next rollout, everything in our catalog, not just the marketplace, will be available in our recommendation engine. Whether it's that Patagucci vest for the corporate bro who needs a wardrobe upgrade, a Doordash gift card for the day your prospect gets back from vacation, or a custom bottle of whiskey with the recipient's name on for the single malt connoisseur, we will make the recommendation that lands you your dream customer. 

The world has eaten its weight in cupcakes so we don't want to limit our recommendations to perishables. Everyone is different and there's a whole world of choice out there. We will help you find the perfect gift in an instant - literally!

Even though crafting emails can be time-consuming — whether you're an SDR or a marketing copy warrior — we know that the secret behind successful direct mail and gifting is the messaging that wraps around it. Reachdesk AI will be the ribbon that ties it all together to help you connect in a meaningful and impactful way, and get the results you want.

Spray and pray, mass, spammy tactics that lead to poor results, wasted spend, and alienated customers are history. The real recipe for success has one key ingredient: human connection. It's time to include it in our GTM mix and bake in AI. It's time to treat customers and buyers like humans by delivering hyper-personalized experiences they will actually love. It's time for Reachdesk AI.

Alex Olley Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer @ Reachdesk

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