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Reachdesk Release Update February '22

1 March 22

February might be the shortest month, but that didn't stop us launching a huge number of fantastic new features and functionality to the Reachdesk platform. We’ve been working hard to make sure Reachdesk helps you make deeper connections, do more with less, send globally at scale, and make better decisions. Let’s jump in!

😍 New brand

You may have noticed things are looking a little different round here. Earlier this month we updated the Reachdesk brand, bringing our visual identity more in line with what we’re all about: human, innovative, expert and honest. As part of this, we've given the Reachdesk app a glamorous makeover. Don’t worry though, everything is exactly where you left it so it still feels like home. Making the moments that matter never looked so good! Read more about our new brand...


🛒 Reachdesk x Amazon

It is now a breeze to send super-personalized Amazon outreach through Reachdesk, making it easier than ever before to surprise and delight. On top of that, the process is smoother and more streamlined than that of other providers in the market meaning your gift arrives sooner and has a much smaller carbon footprint. Find out how it works…


🎈 Virtual experiences

Coronavirus and the resulting growth in WFH / hybrid working has fundamentally changed how people interact with one another both in and outside of work. You can now choose from a large and diverse catalogue of curated hybrid and virtual experiences augmented by bespoke bundles designed by our in-house team, creating the perfect experience for prospects, clients, and employees alike. Want to learn more?


🛍 Store portals

You spend a lot of time, money and effort building an amazing brand and you need to make it simple for your customers and employees to rep your brand. Reachdesk’s store portals make it easy to get branded swag into your fans’ hands (and on their heads, backs, laptops and wherever else), through an industry-leading e-commerce platform. More info…


✉️ Reminder emails

Our research shows that if a prospect redeems a gift, they are much more likely to go through to Closed Won. However, emails can get lost in cluttered inboxes and busy recipients easily forget to redeem in time. Reachdesk now automatically sends follow-up emails to recipients who have not redeemed a gift, increasing the likelihood they will claim, giving a better chance of winning their business. Learn more here…


🔬 Pipeline Generated stats in Insights

Invaluable insight into the influence your gifting is having on pipeline creation. Marketing and BDR teams can demonstrate how they're achieving against their key metrics. Pinpoint and double down on your most effective campaigns for pipeline generation and prove the contribution you’re making, helping secure and grow gifting budgets. Read more about Reachdesk Insights here…


🌍 New eGift card provider integration

Nearly 3,000 new eGift card brands across almost 50 new currencies. Greater global reach means you can reach your prospects, clients and employees no matter where they are in the world. You can now send eGiftcards to 160 countries, covering 92% of the world’s population.


🚢 International warehouse shipping

Your admins can now add customs details to an item so they can be sent internationally outside the warehouse’s trade zone, opening up even more of the world, making it easy to send gifts and swag worldwide with no hitches or hold-ups. More details here…


🎁 Packaging notes against bundles

Bringing your visions to life. Admins and campaign managers can now add specific instructions when building bundles explaining how they want it packaged. This means senders can be confident their recipients will receive the bundle exactly as if they had made it themselves. Find out how it works here…


⏱ Just-in-time provisioning

Non-users signing into Reachdesk for the first time using SSO will automatically have their Reachdesk account created on their first sign-in, saving your admins time and effort adding new senders to Reachdesk and giving a seamless experience for new users. More info…


🔎 Filter sends by engage status

This has been a very popular client feature request. It used to be that if you wanted to report on send status you would have to download a CSV file. You can now see send status at a glance. Faster, more convenient and more secure.


✍️ Customize bulk emails via CSV

Admins and Campaign Managers can now add custom content to individual emails in bulk sends enabling even greater personalization at scale. Learn more…

And there you have it - a host of amazing new features to get involved with. As always, this new functionality comes from a blend of proactive innovation from our incredible tech team and co-innovation with our wonderful clients. If you have anything you’d love to see in Reachdesk - or you have any questions - please get in touch.

Andy Willetts Product Marketing Manager @ Reachdesk

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