Reachdesk x Groove Scheduler

Reachdesk's integration with Groove makes it quick and easy to send prospects a gift with a meeting request, enabling your reps to stand out in busy email inboxes, maximize meeting show rates, and focus on hitting their targets.


Supercharge your sales reps

Integrate Reachdesk seamlessly with Groove Scheduler to book more meetings with the power of gifting. Help your reps make better connections without disrupting their workflow.

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No more no-shows

Maximize your reps’ meeting show rates by linking Groove Meetings with gift sends. Recipients book meetings before claiming their gifts, ensuring higher attendance and productive interactions.

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The right gift every time

Give your prospects the gift of choice. Let recipients choose from a variety of items or eGifts, or donate the value of the gift to charity, increasing positive responses, win rates, and strong connections.


Data-driven gifting

Reachdesk provides detailed insight into  engagement and granular reporting on properly attributed ROI of your gifting-enhanced meeting requests, enabling you to replicate winning tactics and make tweaks where needed.

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What our customers say

“When evaluating a technology partner, you’re not only looking for a product that meets your needs but also for a champion, a company willing to help you achieve your goals and Reachdesk has been the perfect partner.”
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps

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