Reachdesk x Gmail

Reachdesk's integration with Gmail make it easier than ever to send engaging gifts to prospects and clients through email without interrupting your workflows


Smooth, slick, simple

Imagine you're crafting a perfectly personalized email to a top prospect in Gmail, carefully selecting your words to make a lasting impression. Now, thanks to the Reachdesk and Gmail integration, you can seamlessly add an extra layer of personalization by sending a thoughtful gift, all without leaving your email composition.


No more juggling tools

Building better connections is all about the little things. With the new Reachdesk button right in your Gmail composition, you can pick and send the perfect gift, making a strong impression without missing a beat.

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What our customers say

“When evaluating a technology partner, you’re not only looking for a product that meets your needs but also for a champion, a company willing to help you achieve your goals and Reachdesk has been the perfect partner.”
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps

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