Reachdesk x Calendly

With Reachdesk's integration with Calendly, empowering your sales reps to leverage gifting in the meeting scheduling process has never been easier. Stand out in your prospects' crowded inboxes, minimize no-shows, and optimize your reps' time to exceed their sales targets.

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Free your reps to focus on what they do best

By seamlessly integrating with Calendly, Reachdesk empowers your reps to utilize gifting in booking meetings without disrupting their workflow. They can effortlessly incorporate thoughtful gestures to secure more valuable connections.

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Eliminate no-shows

By incorporating a Calendly link in your gift sends, you can require recipients to schedule a meeting before accessing their gift. This approach significantly boosts meeting show rates, helping grow your pipeline.

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The perfect gift every time

Offering recipients the flexibility to exchange the gift for another item or donate its value to charity increases the chances of a positive response. By giving your prospects the opportunity to personalize their choice, you enhance win rates and foster stronger connections.


Data-driven decision making

Reachdesk delivers comprehensive engagement insights and detailed reports on the ROI of your gifting-enhanced meeting bookings. This valuable information allows you to identify successful strategies, focus on winning tactics, and provide targeted coaching for improvement.

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What our customers say

“When evaluating a technology partner, you’re not only looking for a product that meets your needs but also for a champion, a company willing to help you achieve your goals and Reachdesk has been the perfect partner.”
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps
Risha Dewan, Growth Marketing Manager, LeagueApps

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