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customer relationships


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Challenges / Problems:

Time-consuming sends and lack of human touch


Scalable and personalized outreach w/o the need for manual sourcing and sending

"By taking the burden off their team for sourcing, warehousing and sending direct mail, SIA was able to focus on delivering both great customer success and results."

Sales Impact Academy (SIA) is an online B2B sales and marketing education platform that allows sales teams of all maturity and sizes to learn from the best coaches and professionals in the game. From courses for executives and management all the way through to those brand new to sales and marketing the platform can help upskill your whole organization.


Growing their business during the Covid-19 pandemic, SIA had to learn to work in completely new ways and innovate. Within their Customer Success function, SIA wanted to be a value add for their clients giving access to not just great courses but opening doors for clients using their own network.


The Customer Success team at SIA needed a way to celebrate and mark the success of their clients. Direct mail and gifting had been a part of SIA’s strategy, but they knew that one-off sends were not scalable as they grew and with many of their clients working at home, sending became extremely difficult. This combination of challenges meant that SIA would either have to use traditional means of celebrating their client’s success through an email or social media post that didn’t have the same human impact.

How Reachdesk Helped

Reachdesk provided a scalable solution allowing SIA to push data through their CRM to set campaigns and schedule sends for multiple clients in a few simple steps. Taking the burden off their teams for sourcing, warehousing and sending direct mail, SIA was able to focus on delivering great customer success.

SIA also utilized the Reachdesk address verification feature to allow recipients to choose their delivery address, providing a ‘silver bullet’ solution to their clients working from home. With these in play, SIA was able to adapt to the new working climate, while delivering great results and a human element to their customer interactions.

Results, ROI & Future Plans

SIA wanted to do something special for their customers so they launched a “Learner of the Month” competition and used the Reachdesk platform to reward the winner with a special gift. They also saw an increase in Impact Assessments being taken based on them offering rewards through the Reachdesk platform for doing so.

SIA was able to significantly lower meeting no show rates by using our eGift card selection to offer coffee and lunch to prospects ahead of demo calls.

Reachdesk has been a valued partner in helping SIA show their customers the love they deserve at a difficult time. SIA is constantly looking for new and creative ways to use the Reachdesk platform to build deeper relationships with the people that matter to them. They are excited to expand their use of Reachdesk and use the platform to send out branded swag to give new hires the best welcome on their first day.

About SIA

Discover how SIA utilized the power of human touch to build deeper customer relationships

Industry: Sales Education, eLearning

Company size: 51-200

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