Mapp drives 10x ROI on gifting campaigns with Reachdesk


ROI from gifting campaigns


redemption rate


gifts sent globally hassle-free


Scaling gifting globally across different markets, tracking and reporting on the success of gifting campaigns, and nurturing prospects and driving customer engagement.


Global gifting solution with a range of local options, easy CRM integration for clear reporting, and personalized sales outreach and seasonal gifting campaigns

“Global scalability was definitely a challenge for us before. Reachdesk has really helped with this because it enables us to send gifts across all of our different markets.”
Hayley Strang, Senior Marketing Manager, Mapp

Mapp is the #1 insight-led customer experience platform helping consumer brands run highly personalized, cross-channel marketing campaigns by providing them with real-time customer data.

The Challenge

The Mapp marketing and sales team was looking for new ways to reach their global audience, nurture their prospects, and grow their customer accounts. The team had seen the potential in direct mail and gifting but scaling their strategy across key strategic regions such as the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, and the Nordic region was impossible without an automated gifting solution.

What’s more, Mapp wanted to make sure their gifting budget is spent well by tracking and measuring the performance of their campaigns and accurately calculating their return on investment (ROI). The team knew they needed a global, data-driven gifting partner to help them take their gifting strategy to the next level.

‍The Solution

‍The Mapp sales team sent coffee and lunch vouchers to prospects after they book a demo meeting. Thanks to this initiative they managed to improve their meeting show rates.

The marketing team used lunch and coffee vouchers in follow up emails after digital and in-person events which helped them further nurture prospects. They also ran seasonal campaigns sending delicious treats to prospects and customers over the holiday season.

The Mapp team was able to see clear results from their gifting campaign and track performance by easily integrating Reachdesk with their CRM which made reporting much more accurate and efficient.

‍The Results

Thanks to Reachdesk, Mapp was able to scale their gifting to all their target regions without the hassle of managing multiple vendors and international shipping. Through Reachdesk, the sales team had more control over what they send and when to ensure personal and relevant outreach. In only a year the sales team sent over 1,800 gifts to prospects across Europe. Thanks to Reachdesk’s integration with their CRM, the team was able to clearly monitor the impact gifting had on their pipeline and calculate over 10X ROI on their campaigns.

  • Over 1,800 gifts sent in one year using Reachdesk without any hassle
  • 58% redemption rate for gifts
  • 10X ROI from gifting campaigns

About Mapp

How Mapp took their gifting strategy to a whole new, global and hassle-free level

Industry: Customer Experience Platform, Marketing Automation

Company Size: 201-500

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